South Shore Hospital Expands Community Access to Care Using SES Direct Secure Messaging

South Shore Hospital is leveraging interoperability to provide continuity of care for patients. As a small, community-based hospital, located on the south side of Chicago, the hospital relies on partnerships with other institutions to deliver critical care for patients. Clinical data integration, using SES Direct Secure Messaging has been key to their success.

To learn more about how South Shore Hospital is utilizing SES technology to enhance patient care, John Lynn, Founder and Chief Editor at Healthcare IT Today, sat down with Donald McGruder, Chief Information and Revenue Integrity Officer at South Shore Hospital during the HIMSS 2024 conference. He asked McGruder to talk about South Shore Hospital’s interoperability journey and the long-standing technology partnership with Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) that contributed to their progress

McGruder talked about the challenges they faced in integrating clinical exchange services and how collaborating with SES helped them seamlessly implement SES Direct, an encrypted messaging technology that allows for coordinated patient care with other institutions, an integral part of the hospital’s strategy. As a community-based hospital, South Shore didn’t have the staff or technology to provide critical care services, and working with SES allowed them to deliver frictionless, quality care, while giving them access to a broader range of services provided by larger institutions. In addition, he elaborated on how SES was a valuable partner in identifying creative financing solutions for the technology, making it economically viable for the hospital.

Beyond the economics, he discussed South Shore’s top use cases and how SES helps them achieve their operational and clinical business objectives. Adoption of technologies, such as SES Direct Secure Messaging, allowed South Shore Hospital to increase efficiencies and improve workflows for physicians and staff.

Finally, McGruder elaborated on his work with the South Side of Chicago Collaboration – detailing the program, his role, and the outcomes. He outlined patient stories from the Collaboration and how Secure Exchange Solutions has been supporting this effort.

To learn more about what South Shore Hospital is doing for patients and doctors in Chicago, check out the interview with McGruder below.  

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