SES Notify Fast-Tracks Delivery of Retina Labs’ Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis to Close Care Gaps and Reduce the $500M in Healthcare Spend

Rockville, MD, March 8, 2024 – Secure Exchange Solutions (SES), a Centauri Health Solutions company, and leading provider of interoperable, cloud-based clinical exchange and data insight technology, announced today that Retina Labs, a leader in diabetic eye disease and preventative health screening, selected SES to support their in-home diabetes testing for diabetic retinopathy and other ocular and diabetes-related diseases.

Diabetic retinopathy afflicts nearly one-third of adults over age 40 with diabetes-related blindness accounting for an estimated $500 million in annual healthcare spending. Diabetic retinopathy is a considerable healthcare problem that threatens vision and can lead to blindness if left undetected. Although early detection and treatment can significantly change the course of diabetic retinopathy, saving the healthcare industry millions of dollars and guarding against rapid vision loss, fewer than half of all diagnosed diabetics receive routine eye exam screenings. As a result, over 24,000 Americans lose their vision to this preventable eye disease.

Retina Labs provides in-home diabetic eye exams for patients to quickly and easily screen for diabetic retinopathy and other ocular conditions, with results communicated immediately to patients and their primary care providers using SES Notify. SES Notify, an innovative alerting technology platform, enables real-time, secure delivery of test results to physicians and health plans, equipping them with the critical information they need to meet patient care needs.

“The alerting capability enabled with SES Notify creates workflow efficiencies for both providers and health plans that has proven to not only close gaps in care, but also deliver cost advantages,” said Retina Labs Chief Executive Officer, Richard Pridham. “By providing critical information in real-time, we’re helping key stakeholders better meet patient needs and core industry measures.”

By using SES Notify, which reaches 80% of US providers and most health plans, Retina Labs can immediately deliver test results to facilitate rapid diagnosis and follow-up for millions of at-risk Americans. The in-home screening accelerates diagnosis and care of diabetic retinopathy and related diseases including bone mineral density for osteoporosis, lab testing for HbA1c, kidney health and colon cancer.

Given the extent of complications associated with diabetes, the allied dispensing of additional screenings enables Retina Labs to close multiple care gaps with just one visit, thereby contributing to considerable savings in long-term care costs for health plans while providing convenience for patients. Accelerating lab results delivery ensures health plans are better equipped to deliver affordable, accessible, member-centric care while achieving quality targets set by HEDIS®.

“SES is thrilled to partner with Retina Labs to facilitate immediate delivery of critical diabetic ocular and related disease information,” said Michele Darnell, President, Secure Exchange Solutions. “Enabling access to actionable, real-time data via SES Notify demonstrates positive effects on patient care and patient satisfaction, ultimately leading to improved STAR ratings and better financial outcomes.”

In addition, SES provides other interoperable clinical exchange solutions, such as SES Direct, to bridge the gap for care coordination and health insurance alignment. By securely connecting disparate technologies, SES enables greater interoperability for hospitals, health systems and health insurance companies to streamline care management while meeting mandatory regulatory and quality objectives.

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For over a decade, Retina Labs has been a leader and innovator in teleretinal screening for diabetic eye disease. Retina Labs offers end-to-end diabetic retinopathy screening solutions for primary care practices and health systems as well as comprehensive in-home preventive care screening for health plans. Retina Labs in-home preventive screenings include diabetic eye exams, bone mineral density scans, HbA1C, kidney health and colon cancer testing. Retina Labs proven approach improves helps close gaps in care to drive HEDIS scores and STAR ratings while lowering costs through better disease detection and care management. For more information visit

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