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SES Notify | Real-time Health Alert Event Notifications

Close critical communication gaps.

Patients who are not seen within 30 days of discharge are ten times more likely to be readmitted for preventable reasons, yet one-third of all primary care physicians never receive notification that their patient was hospitalized. Physicians and care managers who do receive alerts are only notified at discharge, missing crucial opportunities for intervention at the point of admission or at the moment an abnormal lab result is recorded.

Commonly used methods to notify physicians of a recent hospitalization such as faxing, scanning, and courier services are costly and inefficient in comparison with technology-driven solutions. Automated notifications reduce both cost and the potential for human error and have been demonstrated to reduce patient readmissions by up to 18%.

Lower healthcare costs while improving patient care

SES Notify is the solution of choice for Hospitals, ACOs, HIEs and health plans for instant, complete, critical-information transfer between all medicine stakeholders. Use of SES Notify has been proven to improve outcomes, decrease readmissions, improve follow up care, boost patient engagement and satisfaction… and do all of that while significantly reducing inefficiencies and cost.

In just 30-45 days, you’ll see the value.

SES Notify offers one of the clearest, fastest benefits you’ll see; subscribers report measurable value in just 30-45 days.

  • Access through any EHR, browser, mobile device, or mail app.

  • Achieve advanced patient/provider attribution and matching.

  • Benefit from rapid deployment with standard HL7 ADT message support and no on-premise software installation required.

  • Configure your notification triggers with multiple events: admit, discharge, critical lab results and more.

  • Onboard and manage users easily with subscriber community management tools and multiple onboarding options.

  • Choice of alert format (CCD/XML, PDF, text)

  • Improve patient outcomes with scalability beyond basic encounter notifications.

  • Enjoy an easy-to-use dashboard, featuring configurable notification settings (alert type, frequency, etc.)

The CMS Rule Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Event Notifications Requirement is Effective on May 1, 2021

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule requires hospitals to send e-notifications at the time of a patient’s admission, either immediately before or at the time of discharge, and when a patient transfer event occurs. The rule requires mandatory Notification compliance for Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals by May 1, 2021.

To comply with this rule, hospitals need a standards-based alerting solution that is easily integrated, deployed quickly, and requires minimal investment.

SES Notify enables:

  • Easy onboarding with the hospital EMR – minimal hospital IT support is needed
  • Access to all community providers via regional directory services – other hospitals, ambulatory, specialty, behavioral health, social services, public health, and plan care managers
  • Standardized delivery of alerts into provider workflows – no interface is required
  • Self-service roster and patient panel management – speeds onboarding of new community participants
  • Flexibility to deliver other than ADT alerts – lab results for example
  • Works with all leading EHR Systems – Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, MEDITECH, etc.

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    Communication gaps threaten patients and put them at risk: an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient transfers or hand-offs. Automated notifications support providers’ ability to care for their patients and have been proven to help contain healthcare costs.

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