Data Curation for Population Health Solutions

Data Curation for Population Health Solutions

Secure Exchange Solutions helps leading population health management suppliers support their health system customers’ data requirements by providing real-time clinical information from dozens of EHRs, representing hundreds of thousands of CCDs and other clinical data.

Nationwide Data Acquisition

Acquiring data is an essential first step that requires patient data that is aggregated from multiple sources to be most effective. By leveraging our clinical data exchange platform in combination with our nationwide network of 440K+ provider endpoints, 300+ EHRs, and 60+ geo-centric network connections, SES enables seamless clinical data acquisition to feed population health and care management solutions supporting value-based care initiatives and alternative payment model performance programs* for quality care improvements.

Accurate Data Analysis

Creating the most complete picture of your patient population involves working with data that is accurate, timely, and complete. At SES, we leverage AI/NLP to help ensure data accuracy as well as data appropriateness for a variety of use cases. The SES platform also ensures that data coming from multiple sources is normalized, deduplicated, and associated with the correct patient.

Seamless Data Delivery

Reducing provider friction and supporting the end user’s workflow are table stakes when it comes to successful implementations and user adoption. Use case specific data that is necessary to close gaps in care can be delivered into multiple systems, including your care management solution, the payer’s care management solution, the provider’s case management solution or EHR workflow, as well as the respective organization’s analytics solution for further insights.

Ongoing Patient Monitoring

Your customers need to have ongoing visibility into when their patients interact with the healthcare system. This is foundational to ongoing patient engagement and care management. Using a variety of secure delivery methods, the SES platform is designed to monitor ongoing health events and notify providers of those events in near real-time, so they can more quickly engage with their patients.

*Including programs for Medicare Shared Saving Program (MSSP), bundled payments, Medicare Advantage, clinically integrated networks (CINs), Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program, Medicare Access CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), and other state-funded programs.

SES can improve data curation and help reduce development costs to speed implementation success and user adoption, thus accelerating your organization’s time to revenue recognition.

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