UPMC’s Alerting System Improves Clinical Efficiencies While Meeting Compliance Mandates

Source: HealthcareIT Today

With technology advances, healthcare organizations gain access to improved tools and better information.  While progress offers clear advantages for providers, many still suffer from archaic, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) systems. This is a challenge, given that it’s not uncommon for patients to move across hospitals, outpatient clinics, and post-acute care facilities with many of these points of care operating vastly different EHR systems.  In fact, within a single health system its typical to find disparate EHR systems with siloed data.  And yet, government mandates require healthcare organizations to achieve interoperability and patients increasingly expect their health data to be readily available at each point of care.

UPMC implemented Secure Exchange Solutions’ ADT alerting platform to enable real-time health event notifications across their facilities to enhance care coordination, while also meeting the new Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) requirement, which mandates that by May 21, 2021, hospitals and health systems send ADT Notifications to primary care physicians and other community providers.

John Lynn, Founder of the HealthcareScene.com, sat down to talk with Kristian Feterik, MD, MBA, and Medical Director of Interoperability at UPMC, a world-renowned healthcare provider and insurer.

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