SES Connect

SES Connect | Application Programming Interface (API)

Seamless system integration.

SES Connect is a web services Application Programming Interface (API) that provides an accelerated path to seamless integration of Direct communications with any healthcare application, including electronic health record (EHR) systems, patient portals, clinical data repositories (CDRs) patient health applications and practice management systems.

Uniquely scalable and focused on delivering superior security and performance, thousands of healthcare providers and millions of consumers have access to Direct messaging via SES Connect. It’s the proven solution for improving coordination of care and administrative processes, all from within your current system workflow. We offer multiple deployment options with tailored programs for each of our application partners. Contact us today to learn more about our channel partner program and our rapid path to improved patient care through integrated secure communications.

Ready to make the switch?

Many of our integrated application partners have chosen to switch to Secure Exchange to access the security, scalability, and performance that only we provide. Our SES Direct secure messaging platform offers easy onboarding and robust options for access so that your customers can meet their exchange and interoperability goals with no friction.

Our full range of functions. Your brand.

SES Concierge is your branded domain exclusively for your end users. With your concierge domain you can customize your capabilities and expand the reach of your brand name each time your customers send a Direct message.

Want to avoid a complex implementation?

SES Connect offers a streamlined approach your technical team will appreciate. A typical implementation timeline is less than two weeks, with some of our customers rolling out Direct secure messaging in a matter of days.

Take health information exchange to new levels with Secure Exchange Solutions. Contact us today.

“Tens of thousands of healthcare professionals use GuidingCare each day to improve the health and wellness of the populations they serve. Maximizing the value our tools bring to their daily workflows is a top priority for us. We selected Secure Exchange for the seamless integration options, robust directory service, their track record for performance and their commitment to standards-based interoperability.”
Ashish Kachru, CEO, Altruista Health