SES Notify – Gaps in Care

SES Notify | Gaps in Care

Close Gaps. Improve Outcomes. Increase Revenue.

Disconnects in care lead to delayed diagnoses, improper chronic condition management, and missed prevention opportunities. These unaddressed issues negatively influence health outcomes and serve as key indicators of future healthcare costs.

  • Forecast future acute healthcare spending, medical loss ratios, and utilization rates affecting earnings.
  • Sway CMS Star ratings and bonus payments.
  • Minor rating decreases cost millions in lost revenue.
  • Traditional methods for sharing clinical data (calls, mail, fax) yield low success rates.

SES Notify: Bridging Care Gaps SES Notify seamlessly integrates into EMR workflows, engaging providers, closing care gaps, reducing medical expenses, enhancing health outcomes, and boosting quality scores.

Superior Communication Channel Access

  • Embedded into EMR workflows for faster processing and follow-up.
  • Enhances provider engagement, intervention times, and care gap closure.
  • Minimizes medical expenses.
  • Enables effective care management, better HEDIS scores, and higher CMS Star ratings for increased revenue.

Key Capabilities

  • Care gap notifications delivered to PCPs and care teams via email or PDF attachments.
  • Roster-based subscriptions for targeted member matching, alerts, and data delivery.
  • Access to provider directories and hospital rosters for electronic addresses.
  • Standardized alert delivery into provider workflows, including lab results, with alternative delivery solutions available.
  • Direct delivery of notifications into Certified EHRs using provider Direct addresses, eliminating interfaces and portals.
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