South Shore Hospital Expands Community Access to Care Using SES Direct Secure Messaging

South Shore Hospital is leveraging interoperability to provide continuity of care for patients. As a small, community-based hospital, located on the south side of Chicago, the hospital relies on partnerships with other institutions to deliver critical care for patients. Clinical data integration, using SES Direct Secure Messaging has been key to their success.

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CyncHealth Optimizes Health Data Sharing to Enhance the Patient Experience

As health data sharing continues to evolve, the mere collection of patient data is no longer sufficient; it’s imperative that the data collected have tangible value for overburdened clinicians increasingly being requested to gather more data. Scott Alderman, Vice President of Operations at CyncHealth, wants to provide one-stop access to the longitudinal patient record while reducing the clicks needed to navigate the electronic health record (EHR).

CyncHealth Partners with Secure Exchange Solutions to Support Statewide Healthcare Connectivity 

Collaboration Advances Clinical Data Exchange Across Nebraska and Iowa

Rockville, MD, August 21, 2023 – Secure Exchange Solutions (SES), a Centauri Health Solutions company, and a leader in cloud-based clinical data exchange, announces an expanded collaboration with CyncHealth, the leading health data utility (HDU) and designated health information exchange (HIE) serving Nebraska and Iowa.