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Make informed decisions in real time

The process of collecting, normalizing and reviewing clinical information is expensive for all parties. The process of validating criteria through the manual review of medical records can range from $10 to over $100 per each individual chart review.   In addition, each year new treatment guidelines and procedures that impact the overall cost and treatment of members are made available. Health plans, insurance companies and clinicians must ask for more information to evaluate requests for treatment and procedures. Acquiring and evaluating the clinical data often results in inefficiencies, excess overhead costs and wasted time. All stakeholders – providers, insurance companies and patients – suffer due to the complex nature of these requests.

Lower review costs while improving patient care

SES Spot automates the discovery of critical insights from health records and evaluates coverage and authorization requirements for treatment either before or after a claim is submitted.  SPOT also evaluates incoming faxes to complete the clinical picture and incorporate non-structured information into existing review workflows.

SES Spot revolutionizes the intelligent analysis of clinical information at critical points of care and optimizes risk-based decision support by leveraging existing interoperability standards and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In just 30-45 days, you’ll see the value.

SES Spot offers clear, fast benefits, with subscribers reporting value to their bottom lines in under six weeks. Automate the review of clinical information for use in medical review necessary for prior-authorization and payment of services, care coordination and claim management.

  • Expedite Decision Support with rapid review and response – SES SPOT is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that provides rapid transformation of key content in medical records and text documents into quantitative, actionable insights.

  • Configure local guidelines – SPOT evaluates the information from notes and codified data (e.g. CCDA) medical records against national and commercial payer guidelines as well as local configurable guidelines.

  • Reduce costs and improve accuracy – Intelligent automation services based on machine learning and cognitive computing positively affect member health, reduce healthcare costs and improve accuracy and volume of reviews.

  • Benefit from rapid deployment with a secure cloud-based solution and no on-premise software installation required

  • Onboard easily with guideline management tools and multiple onboarding options.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

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