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SES Spot | AI/NLP Powered Data Analysis

Maximize the Value of Medical Record Retrieval

SES Spot is a proven driver for maximizing return on investment (ROI) in electronic medical record retrieval. By analyzing clinical charts containing narrative clinical notes and accurate provider signatures, SES Spot generates industry-leading ROI by extracting valuable insights from medical records. These insights are pivotal for risk-adjustment or HEDIS-relevant sections (e.g., those with clinical notes and signatures), ensuring that all records delivered contain relevant data for the requisite fields.

Health plans, insurance companies, and clinicians need accurate information to improve patient care and clinical outcomes. However, acquiring and evaluating clinical data often results in inefficiencies, excess overhead costs, and wasted time. All stakeholders – providers, insurance companies, and patients – suffer due to the complex nature of these requests.

Identify Key Insights to Deliver Greater Cost Savings

SES Spot analyzes EMR charts* to identify and curate pertinent clinical data from viable charts retrieved for risk adjustment coding and other use cases such as quality and care management. SES Spot delivers clinical efficiencies that translate into substantial cost savings for health plans.

*Encounter types include procedures, anesthesia events, clinical support, emergency, homecare, hospital encounters, immunizations, infusions, lab visits, orders, office visits, outpatient therapy, prenatal, scheduling only, specimen, surgery, tech procedure, and telemedicine.

In just 30-45 days, you’ll see the value.

SES Spot offers clear, fast benefits, with subscribers reporting value to their bottom lines in under six weeks. Streamline the retrieval and analysis of clinical information for medical risk adjustment or HEDIS-relevant use cases.

  • Expedite clinical data analysis – Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology delivers rapid analysis and transformation of valuable content in medical records and text documents into quantitative, actionable insights.

  • Ensure clinical data accuracy  Evaluate each document for narrative clinical notes, provider signatures, appropriate credentials, timestamps, and more.

  • Deliver clinical data in the right place – Intelligent routing ensures manifest delivery to all designated chart endpoints.

  • Reduce costs and improve accuracy – Intelligent automation services positively affect member health, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the accuracy and volume of chart reviews.

  • Benefit from rapid deployment – Secure cloud-based solution and no on-premises software installation required.

  • Onboard easily – Simplified onboarding with easy-to-use management tools and options.

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