SES Notify – Referral Management

SES Notify | Referral Management

Eliminate Leakage. Streamline Referrals. Increase Revenue.

Health systems experience significant revenue losses due to network leakage, due to inadvertently sending referrals to external network providers. SES Notify revolutionizes referral management, enhancing care coordination between hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies. This ensures efficient and timely referrals for patients transitioning to homecare services, strengthening both financial health and stability.

  • Estimated 55-65% of referrals sent out-of-network costs millions annually*
  • Lack of workflow efficiency results in $900,000+ per physician in lost revenue
  • Average hospital loses 10-30% due to out-of-network referrals
  • More than 25% of healthcare systems are unaware of the referral revenue lost

Strengthen Financial Health and Stability

  • Eliminate Network Leakage: Automate referrals and retain revenue within your network.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs: Minimize phone calls and eliminate tedious faxing.
  • Improve Provider Satisfaction: Enjoy a streamlined and proven referral process.
  • Earn Credits: Increase adoption of electronic referrals and earn credit.

Key Capabilities

  • Streamlined Delivery: EMR referral order delivery to the care coordination team.
  • Seamless Communication: Referral confirmations delivered directly into the referring provider’s EMR.
  • Intelligent Address Lookup: Via NPI database, SES directory services, or hospital provider roster.
  • Standardized Notifications: Alerts delivered directly into provider workflows – no interface required.
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