SES XDR for MEDITECH Hospitals

Secure Exchange Solutions complements your MEDITECH Direct implementation, allowing you to quickly meet requirements in the way that best fits your workflows.

  • Direct Secure Messaging and Bi-directional XDR interface support for MEDITECH Expanse implementations
  • Meet CMS Promoting Interoperability Program requirements for transmitting, receiving, and incorporating transitions of care
  • Fully integrated with your MEDITECH EHR and Patient Portal
  • Integration with Third-Party Patient Portals
  • Join the hundreds of MEDITECH hospitals that have selected SES
  • Access our exclusive reporting portal for auditing and control
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant, interoperable messaging
  • Improve efficiency with a cost-effective solution that complements existing workflows

How does it work?

SES XDR, full integration to transmit CCDs within MEDITECH – This is a fully integrated solution that allows hospitals to send and receive CCDs/CCDAs through the MEDITECH Direct interface using the required Direct standard for communications through XDR, MEDITECH’s recommended method. This solution offers a seamless user experience for sending and receiving CCD/CCDA files and is best for users who have upgraded to the latest version of MEDITECH and who need to select a HISP to enable communications. SES XDR provisions secure email addresses, issues and authenticate digital certificates, and connects to external directory services, allowing for the simple and secure transmission of health information to any third party. You can use the SES XDR solution for both your MEDITECH EHR and Patient Portal.

SES Online: Connect your referral network and meet attestation requirements – Available both through our online portal and through SMTP (integrated into any Microsoft Outlook product or mobile device), SES provides online access to secure messages including CCDs, images, referral notes, or other file types that can be easily integrated into a provider’s existing workflow. Providers with or without an EHR can begin using SES Online immediately to receive messages from your hospital.

Technical Specifications and Features

SES offers all the features you need to implement Direct messaging into your clinical workflow quickly and easily.

  • Promoting Interoperability – Meet Promoting Interoperability requirements for exchanging CCDs, bi-directional patient communications, and more
  • Provider Directory Access – Find Direct-enabled providers, inside or out of your network, (via the SES Web Direct Portal)
  • Standards-based universal secure e-mail communication. No proprietary networks or charges.
  • Identifies sending and receiving parties, encrypts, and digitally signs communications.
  • Direct-compliant to achieve Promoting Interoperability program requirements
  • Easy Provider Onboarding
  • Highly scalable email server
  • DNS Certificate Validation and Publishing
  • Reporting and metering
  • HISP-HISP trust management (SES participates in major trust bundles)
  • Access to the HISP Provider Directory (HPD)
  • Concierge Domain: Use your own domain, including an optional customized portal

About Us

Secure Exchange Solutions (SES), is the largest independent Health Information Service Provider (HISP) offering Direct Secure Messaging solutions in the nation. Our Direct network also includes 400,000+ provider endpoints and access to a network of over 2.4M+ electronic endpoints, representing 1,500 hospitals, 92,000 provider organizations, 50+ health information exchanges, and 95 integrated EMR and HIT application partners

SES Direct, our Direct Secure Messaging solution, provides end-to-end message encryption, easy integration options, and robust directory services, so end-users and administrators enjoy the maximum level of data security, connectivity, and reach possible. As an accredited HISP, Certificate Authority (CA), and Registration Authority (RA), we manage all certificates, Direct addresses, and passwords.

SES provides our customers with vast access to trust networks including DirectTrust™, CareQuality/ Commonwell, SHIEC HIEs, and direct to EMR relationships. We offer both a web email (SMTP or SSO) and an API option for developers and integrated partners in a low-cost flexible pricing model. Learn more about SES Direct.

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