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Get the information you need about your members faster.

Secure Exchange is best in its class, recognized for innovative plan-provider clinical exchange solutions that improve care coordination and management, and reduce health plan’s administrative processing costs. Opportunities to simultaneously reduce costs and improve care are rare – but that’s exactly what Secure Exchange offers, with platforms and applications that deliver true health information exchange.

Key Benefits:

Here are eight top areas in which Secure Exchange solutions deliver measurable value to your business by driving down costs and easing your workflow:

  • Exchange clinical data quickly and seamlessly.

  • Receive critical notifications about your members, going beyond discharge notifications to include crucial point-of-care alerts of patient admissions, abnormal results, and more.

  • Send notifications about your members to care providers to improve follow up care.

  • Gather information for medical risk assessments, utilization reporting and quality ratings.

  • Pull charts from providers, satisfy HEDIS requirements.

  • Improve claim attachments, prior authorizations and more with SES Forms.

  • Manage member health with clinical data at the point of care.

  • Strengthen the ICD-10 claims appeal process.

Secure Exchange has proven to reduce complex claims processing times by 50-75%.

SES Forms support repeatable workflows, such as claims attachments, durable medical equipment requests, prior authorization requests, and more. Because plans can get complete, error-free data the first time around, you reduce back-and-forth communications with providers and substantially reduce your processing cost…. our customers are reporting 50 to 75% decreases in processing times.

Secure Exchange makes it easy.

With flexible deployment options to leverage existing IT structure, and a myriad of registration options to efficiently onboard providers and members, choosing Secure Exchange couldn’t be easier.

Why choose Secure Exchange Solutions? We streamline your processes, reduce your costs, and make it easy to onboard your provider network… but in the end, it’s all about reputation and experience. Our significant healthcare industry experience is what led to the development of the market’s best secure messaging platform — proven to lower healthcare costs, broaden provider reach — all easily integrated within your enterprise workflows. All with best in class scalability and security standards.

“Clinical data integration (CDI) is a core capability that you can apply to obtain clinical data from providers for care management, risk adjustment optimization (RAO), quality improvement and payment integrity use cases.”

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Take health information exchange to new levels with Secure Exchange Solutions. Contact us today.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by health plans today is clinical information exchange. By leveraging the Direct standard and the Secure Exchange platform – renowned for its security, performance and scalability – health plans will be able to get information faster, and receive data in a format that fits their workflows, with minimal implementation effort.”
Mike Kennedy, TIBCO Software
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