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Delays in delivering lab results create gaps in care, hindering prompt interventions from providers. This leads to suboptimal health outcomes and increased costs for payers and providers. In today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape, care gaps can severely impact business operations:

  • Overwhelmed Providers: Providers face numerous manual tasks, often overlooking communications outside their clinical workflow.
  • Financial Consequences: Care gaps influence CMS Star ratings and bonus payments, where even small rating declines can cost millions in lost revenue.
  • Ineffective Methods: Traditional methods for sharing clinical data (phone calls, mail, fax) have low success rates.

Accelerate Lab and Test Results Delivery

SES Notify Lab & Test Results accelerates provider engagement on patient follow-ups to close care gaps, reduce medical spending, improve health outcomes, and boost quality scores.

  • Timely Follow-Up: Engage providers for prompt patient follow-up, leading to better health outcomes and quality.
  • Actionable Data: Inform member care teams with actionable data, reducing medical spending and improving outcomes.
  • Boost Quality Scores: Enhance HEDIS scores and CMS Star ratings, increasing bonus payments.
  • Automate Delivery: Reduce expenses through delivery automation.
  • Enhance Satisfaction: Increase provider satisfaction through workflow efficiencies

Key Capabilities

  • Standardized Delivery: Deliver lab results directly into provider workflows with alternative delivery solutions available.
  • Targeted Matching: Use roster-based subscriptions for targeted member matching, alerts, and data delivery.
  • Access Directories: Utilize provider directories and hospital rosters for electronic addresses.
  • Direct Notifications: Send notifications directly into certified EHRs using provider Direct addresses, eliminating interfaces and portals.
  • Flexible Communications: Offer plain text email messages and rich content within PDF attachments.
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