Partners with Secure Exchange Solutions to Address Medicare’s $120 Billion Chronic Kidney Disease Dilemma

The partnership will streamline the delivery of kidney test lab results for millions of Americans.

ROCKVILLE, MD, April 17, 2023 – Secure Exchange Solutions (SES), a Centauri Health Solutions company, and leading provider of interoperable, cloud-based clinical data exchange and clinical alerting technologies, announced today that, the global leader in transforming the smartphone camera into a medical device, has selected SES to support their Minuteful Kidney™ test, the only FDA-cleared smartphone-powered at-home kidney test. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a $120 billion healthcare problem affecting nearly 37 million American adults, and with one in three American adults at risk, CKD accounts for a quarter of all Medicare spending. will use SES’s clinical notifications platform, which reaches more than 80% of US providers, to deliver Minuteful Kidney test results to primary care physicians supporting CKD testing for at-risk Americans. With millions of Americans at risk, provider engagement is essential to success. By implementing at-home urine testing to identify CKD and accelerating lab results delivery, health plans will be better equipped to close critical care gaps, improve patient outcomes and support closure of the Kidney Health Evaluation for Patients with Diabetes (KED) HEDIS® measure

“We are thrilled to partner with Secure Exchange Solutions to help us achieve our goals of detecting CKD early, helping patients get back into care, and slowing the progression of the condition,” said Paula LeClair, US General Manager of “Streamlining delivery of lab results will help us close gaps to ensure that patients receive the care they deserve, regardless of zip code, income level, or other factors, ultimately leading to significantly improved health outcomes.”

By leveraging technology and advanced analytics, the partnership will help scale business operations by improving the delivery of actionable lab results within the provider community. This will enable primary care physicians to identify care gaps, deliver the necessary interventions, and provide equitable access to healthcare.

“We are eager to work with a healthcare innovator like to help increase clinician adoption in underserved communities that have less access to medical care,” said Michele Darnell, President, Secure Exchange Solutions. “Our ability to deliver sensitive patient information directly into the provider workflow, seamlessly and without friction, will accelerate provider engagement and improve time to intervention for people with kidney disease.” 

About is a global leader in transforming the smartphone camera into a medical device. The company developed the first and only FDA-cleared, smartphone-powered home kidney test. partners with leading health plans to integrate Minuteful Kidney™ in their kidney management programs. For the first time, untested, at-risk members can now take the test in the privacy of their homes and receive instant results, thus closing care gaps and removing barriers associated with traditional lab testing. Minuteful Kidney™ is marketed commercially across the United States and the United Kingdom. has offices in Boston, London, and Tel Aviv.

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