CyncHealth Optimizes Health Data Sharing to Enhance the Patient Experience

As health data sharing continues to evolve, the mere collection of patient data is no longer sufficient; it’s imperative that the data collected have tangible value for overburdened clinicians increasingly being requested to gather more data. Scott Alderman, Vice President of Operations at CyncHealth, wants to provide one-stop access to the longitudinal patient record while reducing the clicks needed to navigate the electronic health record (EHR). As a former CIO, Alderman has a unique perspective on this data-sharing challenge and the value CyncHealth can provide to healthcare organizations and patients.

CyncHealth is a health data utility (HDU) primarily focused on the Midwest region of the United States but with a network connecting healthcare providers nationally. Network connectivity is essential to aggregate the data required to build a complete patient record while addressing often forgotten treatment areas, such as adverse medication interactions and provider event notifications.

Ensuring the efficient flow of information is fundamental to advancing interoperability. One of the HIPAA-compliant solutions CyncHealth uses to exchange information is Direct Secure Messaging. In our conversation, Alderman sheds light on their recent decision to partner with Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) for Direct messaging and Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services. He shares why they chose SES and some of the business impacts resulting from the change.

Alderman also talked about several prominent use cases. One example involves collaboration with pharmacies to oversee prescription monitoring, ultimately providing physicians with a more comprehensive insight into their patients’ medication regimens. Additionally, we discussed a sensitive use case, wherein CyncHealth proactively informs healthcare providers when a patient passes away so they can discontinue provider outreach, thus avoiding further distress to grieving families and wasting staff resources.

Watch the video for stories about the benefits of CyncHealth and their work with SES to improve patient care.

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