The Connection Between Hospital Readmissions and Post-Acute Care

Source: HealthcareIT Today

Every healthcare organization knows the importance of reducing hospital readmissions. It’s the perfect example to demonstrate how healthcare gets measured and can be improved. However, while most hospitals and health systems know their readmission number, many don’t know what it takes to reduce that number. In fact, much of the discussion about hospital readmissions focuses on what a hospital should do when the patient is sent home.

Rochester RHIO Streamlines Direct Secure Messaging with Secure Exchange Solutions

Rockville, MD, October 5, 2021 – Secure Exchange Solutions (SES), the leading platform provider of cloud-based secure clinical data exchange software, today announced a partnership with Rochester RHIO to offer best-in-class Direct Secure Messaging services to support the needs of Rochester RHIO’s expanding community of healthcare organizations and providers.

Rochester RHIO’s health information exchange (HIE) serves over 1.5 million residents across 14 counties,

Two Use Cases for Improving Outcomes with ADT Notifications: Part III

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Learn how two large health systems realized better health outcomes by creating efficient ADT notifications.

February 08, 2021 – May 1 marks an important deadline for hospitals to comply with a requirement to send electronic admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) event notifications to all providers primarily responsible for a patient’s care as a condition of participation for Medicare and Medicaid.

SES XDR for MEDITECH Hospitals

Secure Exchange Solutions complements your MEDITECH Direct implementation, allowing you to quickly meet requirements in the way that best fits your workflows.

  • Direct Secure Messaging and Bi-directional XDR interface support for MEDITECH Expanse implementations
  • Meet CMS Promoting Interoperability Program requirements for transmitting, receiving, and incorporating transitions of care
  • Fully integrated with your MEDITECH EHR and Patient Portal
  • Integration with Third-Party Patient Portals
  • Join the hundreds of MEDITECH hospitals that have selected SES
  • Access our exclusive reporting portal for auditing and control
  • Secure,

Direct Secure Messaging Improves Collaboration, Workflow Efficiencies and Safety Amid the Pandemic

Join us on November 17, at 12 PM ET for the webinar, Power of Direct: How Electronic Communications Improves Workflow Efficiency and Safety During the Pandemic, which examines a typical referral and communications sequence in the management of a patient with diabetes, a chronic high-risk use case with serious implications during the COVID pandemic.

SES Direct Streamlines Clinical Exchange to Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) to Comply with the CMS Medical Record Submission Requirement

As of October 1, 2020, new federal regulations under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rule (CMS-1735-F) requires that all Medicare providers send medical records and other documents electronically in response to a request from the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) contractor for that state, i.e. either Livanta or Kepro