Dr. Chip Grant Recognized as a DirectTrust Interoperability Hero

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We had an enlightening conversation with Interop Hero, Chip Grant, M.D., Founder and CEO of Watershed Health. As a clinician, Chip offers a unique perspective to interoperability and discusses his vision for a more connected industry.

As a practicing interventional cardiologist, Chip saw a reoccurring problem with his patients that needed to be solved: fragmented interoperability. Nearly a decade ago, and with a mission to improve patient outcomes through better interoperability, he founded Watershed. As CEO, Chip leans into his personal and professional experience to help deliver on that mission every day. And as someone who regularly works with providers and patients, he has a well-rounded view of the issues that need solving — and the best way to solve them.

Watershed has built a closed-loop technology platform that expands collaboration beyond a health system’s walls, making it easier to build and maintain high performance post-acute networks. Watershed uses Direct Secure Messaging and Event Notifications technology to help facilitate better communication with post-acute care teams and improve patient outcomes.

Right off the bat, we wanted to know how Watershed is using interoperability to connect and empower organizations.

“To me, interoperability has two parts: one part is connectivity, right? So, connectivity has to exist and one of the things we believe with Watershed is that no part of the healthcare network can get left out. So, connectivity has to be every provider that’s touching a patient…But it also has to be these so-called non-clinical healthcare providers — folks that support patients that are socially isolated; folks that provide meals, housing assistance. And so connectivity has to be complete. And frankly, I think that’s one of the places where we’ve fallen short in this country.”

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