Dan Kazzaz Recognized as a DirectTrust Interoperability Hero

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We had such an interesting conversation with Interop Hero, Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions. We traveled through time to understand where interoperability came from, how we got here today, and what future opportunities lie ahead for secure solutions in the healthcare IT market.

Dan has a long history with interoperability, having first started programming in 1968. Then about a decade later, in 1977, he began working with startups (both in and outside his own company). But it wasn’t until the early 1990s when Dan honed in his focus on B2B e-commerce. Throughout his years working in this space, he’s participated in various standards development organizations, including DirectTrustTM.

Today, he has an incredible team that has helped create highly successful secure exchange solutions. Dan says they roughly handle an impressive 50 million messages each month and lead the market in many areas. For example, they’ve integrated into more than 100 electronic medical record systems, 1,500 clinics and hospitals, 400,000 providers, and the list goes on.

Secure Exchange Solutions offers robust health information service provider (HISP) services, sophisticated message routing and conversion. This includes routing admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) notifications and continuity of care (CCD) documents based on patient demographics and other criteria, as well as automated chart retrieval. And what’s more, their products use Direct Secure Messaging.

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