ASC X12 Elects Secure Exchange Solutions CEO Kazzaz to Board

Improving Standards-Based Interoperability a Primary Focus

Rockville, MD – February 3, 2017 – Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) and recognized healthcare IT industry leader, has been elected to the Board of Directors of ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee), the American National Standards Institute organization chartered to create and maintain cross industry messaging  standards to improve business processes.

Mr. Kazzaz, a former chairman of ASC X12, is an expert on standards-based interoperability. His return to the ASC X12 organization signals the need for increased leadership and industry focus on defining a profile of standards-based interoperability to ensure the efficient and secure exchange of clinical data throughout the healthcare ecosystem as clinicians and providers increasingly use technology to share all manner of patient-related data.

“I am honored to return to the ASC X12 Board to contribute to developing the standards and mechanisms needed to securely create, format, sign and send private healthcare information, said Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions. “While great strides have been made to develop agreed-upon data formats to streamline certain crucial exchanges such as transferring a patient from a PCP to a specialist, processes requiring healthcare providers to sign and submit clinical information to insurers have remained paper-based, cumbersome and expensive,” he said. “Much more needs to be done. We are already working with the nation’s largest insurers and health systems to streamline these workflows, and are calling on our diverse healthcare colleagues to join us in eliminating error-prone, expensive paper processes,” Kazzaz added.

About Secure Exchange Solutions

Secure Exchange Solutions sets the standard for seamless, scalable, secure connectivity across organizational boundaries. As an industry-leading health information service provider, Secure Exchange Solutions protects, streamlines and delivers sensitive and critical health care information while ensuring compliance and improving efficiency and quality. Hospitals, health systems, physicians, health plans and application partners rely on Secure Exchange Solutions for integrated secure communications that expand their reach.

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