Secure Exchange Solutions Debuts in Exclusive DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle

SES ‘Met or Exceeded’ Rigorous Industry ‘Gold Standard’ for Privacy, Security and Trust in Identity Controls

ROCKVILLE, Md. – October 27, 2014 – Secure Exchange Solutions, a leading provider of software and services to enable the secure exchange of health information, today announced that SES HISP is one of four health information service providers included in the new DirectTrust anchor bundle. The DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle includes “trust anchor” digital certificates from HISPs and their associated CAs and RAs that have completed the EHNAC-DirectTrust accreditation and audit program.

“The market is clearly indicating its preference for HISPs that have met or exceeded DirectTrust accreditation and audit criteria,” said David C. Kibbe, MD MBA and president and CEO of DirectTrust. “Secure Exchange Solutions and the other HISPs chosen for inclusion in the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle have undergone rigorous testing using the widely recognized industry privacy, security, and trust in identity controls established by DirectTrust’s membership and audited by EHNAC.”

The Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle will initially include Secure Exchange Solutions, Cerner Corporation, EMR Direct and MaxMD, the four HISPs who have passed a review and approval process designed to ensure that downstream errors and security problems are avoided. In addition to the evaluation to assure the validity and integrity of trust anchors and end-entity certificates, testing for the new accredited bundle also included an extensive interoperability review to ensure that all HISPs included in the bundle can seamlessly exchange Direct messages with one another.

“Working with HISP partners included in the new Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle that have met or exceeded security, compliance and interoperability standards provides organizations with greater certainty when exchanging health information,” said Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange. “The inclusion of Secure Exchange Solutions in the DirectTrust bundle further validates our ongoing commitment to provide the healthcare industry with the most secure, robust and easy-to-use platform for the secure exchange of healthcare information.”

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Secure Exchange Solutions is a leading provider of software and services to enable the secure exchange of healthcare information. As a committed member of the Direct Project, Secure Exchange Solutions helps healthcare stakeholders meet the requirements for Meaningful Use, manage risk and compliance, and improve quality of care. Secure Exchange Solutions offers web-based and integrated products that enable customers to leverage existing IT investments while taking advantage of the benefits of standardized secure messaging. Secure Exchange Solutions software expedites healthcare communications, optimizes care transitions, and helps customers reduce reliance on costly and complex communications.

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