2017: A Year in Review and A Look Ahead

2017 was a tremendous year for Secure Exchange Solutions (SES)!

Looking back, we had 130 partners join our community, resulting in a 300% increase in electronic message exchange. Also, our new and expanding network of partnerships contributed to 92% year over year growth since 2014, landing SES on the Inc 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies this year!

In addition to continued growth in our core markets of providers, health systems and health information exchanges, 2017 saw SES greatly increase our payer footprint, take a leadership role in industry standards, and expand our service offerings to support the Triple Aim across the care continuum.

Notable milestones of 2017 include:

  • Signing 3 of the top 5 payers – SES is facilitating two-way communication between payers and providers in support of HEDIS, optimized prior authorization, claim resolution, and medical risk adjustment – as well as clinical discovery and gaps-in-care messaging.
  • Innovation Messaging Taskforce – SES formed this group of leaders from all areas of healthcare to work toward solving critical industry issues, such as improving automated prior authorization. The taskforce is focused on combining multiple existing standards into a highly scalable workflow.
  • DirectTrust Accredited / HITRUST Certified – Secure Exchange customers are assured of the ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security and quality through DirectTrust Accredited and HITRUST Certified SES Direct, so they can focus on leveraging Direct secure messaging to improve transitions of care, referrals, health event alerting and provider engagement.
  • MyOneChart with Direct Secure Messaging – SES in partnership with the UHIN HIE is enabling patient-provider communication focused on delivering better patient outcomes for network members.
  • SES / IllumaCare Connections Partnership – This collaboration made it possible for hundreds of optometrists and ophthalmologists served by IllumaCare Connections to securely transmit and easily access vital patient clinical care information with health plans, providing caregivers an easy way to coordinate routine check-ups, ensure patient compliance and streamline surgical consults and procedures.

Thank you to our partners and customers who helped make 2017 an exceptional year!

Looking ahead to 2018, SES will be working toward solving the prior authorization challenge, elevating industry standards to address pressing industry issues and collaborating with providers and payers to enable greater accuracy in communications.

We are encouraged by what the New Year will bring!

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