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Advance Clinical Exchange and Collaborative Data Sharing

Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) enables HIEs with last-mile connectivity to deliver all clinically relevant data directly into provider and health plan workflows. Our collaborations with HIEs and application developers provide secure solutions that transform clinical data exchange, strengthen quality-of-care delivery, and help put the patient first. Additionally, we collaborate with national payers and care management companies, assisting them in bridging data gaps for quality improvement, monitoring patient transitions between acute care settings, and overseeing patient care.

As industry leaders, HIEs are essential in cultivating provider relationships to create more efficient clinical data exchange to help nurture a more collaborative data-sharing process between stakeholders. By leveraging a unified data-sharing approach, SES can help unlock
high-value use cases that can transform care delivery, foster organizational expansion, and increase return on investment.

Connect. Collaborate. Improve Care.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with any healthcare application, including HIE platforms, EHR systems, patient portals, clinical data repositories, and patient health applications to securely share and exchange clinical data, to provide:

  • A single on-ramp to interoperability by leveraging existing technology investments
  • Real-time health event notifications at the point of care to support better public health reporting
  • Streamlined care management and accelerated community-based referrals
  • Collaborative zero-friction data sharing and clinical exchange between all stakeholders
  • Support for high-value use cases that drive additional growth opportunities

Platform Overview

  • Cloud-based, Software as a Service
  • HIPAA compliant, DirectTrust Accredited, 21st Century Cures/Interoperability
  • Embedded in EMRs (hospital, ambulatory) and other payer-provider workflows
  • Nationwide directory service (2.8M+ provider endpoints)
  • Payload agnostic (PDF, CDA, HL7, TXT, TIF, CSV)

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    2022 Conference Highlight: Angie Bass, Chief Strategy Officer at Velatura, shares industry insights with John Lynn from Healthcare IT Today at the Civitas Networks for Health Annual Conference and DirectTrust Summit in San Antonio.

    Rochester RHIO transferred its HISP infrastructure and started using Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) for clinical data exchange and HISP services. Sara Abrams, MPH, VP, of Data Analytics and Quality Assurance at Rochester RHIO managed the HISP migration process and shared her perspective on the decision to move to SES and what it took to make this transition seamless.

    SES Direct

    Direct Secure Messaging

    • Scalable and easy to implement
    • Integrates with all EHRs/EMRs, patient portals, clinical data repositories (CDRs), patient health applications and practice management systems
    • Ensures security compliance, while optimizing care coordination

    SES Direct Data Sheet

    SES Notify

    Real-time Alert Notifications

    • Reduces inefficiencies and costs while improving patient care and outcomes
    • Increases provider collaboration across all care settings
    • Decreases readmissions, follow-up care, boosts patient engagement and satisfaction

    SES Notify Data Sheet


    Secure Clinical Exchange

    • Automates secure clinical data exchange for risk adjustment, quality and care management
    • Leverages existing EMR technology investments
    • Cost-effective to implement

    SES Fetch Data Sheet