ADT Notifications Improve Patient Care Coordination

SES Notify | CMS Rule Compliance

Increase Hospital Information Sharing with Real-Time Alert Notifications

Hospitals and health systems can achieve CMS Rule compliance for ADT Notifications through the use of the SES Notify platform. SES Notify monitors ADT feeds from the hospital and sends e-notifications to the appropriate PCP and care managers, in near real-time, of the encounter, admit, discharge or transfer.

SES Notify, sends Alert Notifications directly into all Certified Electronic Health Record systems (CEHRT) using the providers’ published Direct addresses – this requires no effort by the recipients. SES Notify matches subscriber interests and converts admission/discharge and results into formats acceptable by the CEHRTs delivering critical care information seamlessly into provider and care team workflows – no provider portal is required.

SES Notify provides an immediate way to notify PCPs of ER visits and achieve CMS Rule compliance for hospitals and other ambulatory facilities. By securely integrating alerts from inpatient to ambulatory electronic health record systems, information is quickly delivered to the care team across the continuum of care.

SES Notify has proven to:

  • Improve the quality of care
  • Reduce preventable readmissions and identify patient leakage
  • Improve provider satisfaction with hospital administrative services
  • Demonstrate commitment to high-quality patient care and provider support resources

The CMS Rule Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Event Notifications Requirement is Effective on May 1, 2021

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule requires hospitals to send e-notifications at the time of a patient’s admission, either immediately before or at the time of discharge, and when a patient transfer event occurs. The rule requires mandatory Notification compliance for Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals by May 1, 2021.

To comply with this rule, hospitals need a standards-based alerting solution that is easily integrated, deployed quickly, and requires minimal investment.

SES Notify enables:

  • Easy onboarding with the hospital EMR – minimal hospital IT support is needed
  • Access to all community providers via regional directory services – other hospitals, ambulatory, specialty, behavioral health, social services, public health, and plan care managers
  • Standardized delivery of alerts into provider workflows – no interface is required
  • Self-service roster and patient panel management – speeds onboarding of new community participants
  • Flexibility to deliver other than ADT alerts – lab results for example
  • Works with all leading EHR Systems – Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, MEDITECH, etc.

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    Project Notify routes Admit, Discharge and Transfers (ADT) health alerts to providers, case managers, and primary care physicians (PCPs), watch the video to learn more.