Watershed Health Helps Customers Significantly Reduce Hospital Readmissions 

The long-term goal of delivering effective healthcare depends upon several patient-focused, short-term goals. These goals include optimizing post-acute care and reducing preventable hospital readmissions by streamlining clinical and non-clinical care coordination after hospital discharge.   

Watershed Health is an organization passionate about solving this critical challenge and has developed a closed-loop technology platform that expands collaboration beyond a health system’s walls and makes it easier to build and maintain high-performance post-acute networks.  Provider networks adopting the platform consistently see improved patient outcomes, including reduced hospital readmissions.  Watershed’s clinical success has led to rapid growth. Watershed is currently working with multiple major national payers and over 1,000 provider organizations. 

Leveraging Leading Interoperability Solutions 

  • Lyniate Corepoint helps Watershed Health easily connect high-performing networks and community resources to enable them to work together more effectively. Corepoint streamlines EMR integrations, making deployment and data integration fast and cost-effective, which helps facilitate Watershed’s rapid market expansion.  
  • Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) provides Watershed access to a nationwide clinical data exchange network to enable secure bi-directional communications between healthcare stakeholders. Watershed uses Direct Secure Messaging and Event Notifications technology to help facilitate better collaboration within post-acute care teams and improve patient outcomes.  

Improving Provider Engagement 

Clinical challenges associated with workflow inefficiencies may arise that lead to adverse patient outcomes and increased expense. The cause can sometimes be attributed to the lack of effective provider engagement, which is necessary for effective collaboration and information of the patient’s status in their care path and the clinical workflow.  

Clinical data shared within the care team workflow informs the evidence-based care enabling providers to meet their quality assurance and performance improvement benchmarks on their patients. Added benefits include improving outcomes and increasing financial performance. 

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