SES Notify - Real-time Notifications Support the NEHII COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Program

SES Notify Supports the Nebraska Health Information Initiative COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Program

Secure Exchange Solutions is proud to be partnered with the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII) to support their COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting program to help the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, healthcare organizations and medical professionals identify and prioritize patients at higher risk of contracting severe forms of the virus. NEHII is using SES Notify to enable real-time alerting through admit, discharge and transfer (ADT) feeds.

SES Notify enables care teams to better manage the high-risk patient activity associated with COVID-19 by informing them of patient status, monitoring care transitions, and coordinating long-term follow-up care. Also, SES Notify facilitates improved patient flow by alerting hospitals when patients have been admitted to another hospital or skilled nursing center. These notifications help close communication gaps between care managers, PCPs, post-acute care and specialists and contribute to preventable readmissions.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of accelerating access to patient events so first-responders and care teams can immediately make informed decisions and respond quickly to care needs. By streamlining administrative and clinical workflows, SES Notify helps stakeholders effectively manage COVID-19 patient activity and improve care team efficiency.

Now more than ever, there is an urgency to effectively track the admit and discharge of high volumes of patients as a result of COVID-19. SES is committed to helping NEHII, and the industry to meet this challenge during this unprecedented time.  Click here to read the NEHI story.

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