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Real-time Messaging, Alerts Improve Provider Collaboration, Enhance Patient Care

Rockville, MD, April 30, 2019 – Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) a leading provider of interoperable, cloud-based clinical data exchange technology, announced the integration of its Direct and Notify SaaS platform into the Massachusetts-based Lahey Health System and Tufts Medical Center. Through this partnership SES is delivering secure communications and notification capabilities as part of the eLINC Health Information Exchange (HIE). Access to this technology is significant given the focus on value-based care and the need for physicians to meet the standards for patient-centered care.

Through eLINC, providers access real-time secure communications and notifications enabling them to intervene quickly in the event a patient is readmitted to the hospital following surgery. Notify generates alerts through the subscriber registration system providing access to primary care, specialists and other care managers on the care team.

Direct and Notify enables proactive engagement with the patient to improve the quality of care and enables provider collaboration across the continuum of care. In addition, the technology integrates seamlessly into existing provider workflows and are easily configurable based on provider preferences for information delivery, whether it be on a laptop, within their electronic medical record system or mobile device.  

“Our partnership with Secure Exchange is significant, as the Direct and Notify capabilities give our physicians access to critical patient events immediately, so they can act quickly,” said Normand Tanguay, MD, Lahey Health System. “Healthcare demands the latest technologies for decisions around care delivery that give providers the information they need in a timely way to deliver the best quality care.”

Many healthcare organizations struggle to share data due to interoperability challenges, disparate systems and lack of consistent data standards. In addition, providers continue to struggle with insufficient processes that lead to inefficiencies and duplication, making it difficult for clinicians to adapt to the new demands of value-based care.

By embracing technology and industry standards, SES advances patient-centered care across one of the largest healthcare ecosystems which includes multiple nationwide payers, 1,500 hospitals, 325,000 endpoints, 2 million DirectTrust community participants, and more than 60 million patients.

“Thousands of providers leverage our secure communication and notifications platform to exchange critical clinical information,” said Dan Kazzaz, CEO of SES. “Our SaaS solutions enable Dr. Tanguay and his team to provide better patient management and improved transitions of care to meet the demands of value-based care.”

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