New Cross-Specialty Taskforce to Tackle the Next Level in Interoperability for Provider-Payer Exchanges

Secure Exchange Solutions CEO Takes Lead to Streamline Complex Workflows for Orders and Pre-claim Document Exchange

May 1, 2017 – Rockville, MD – Secure Exchange Solutions, the leading independent health information services provider, today announced the formation of a cross-specialty Innovation Messaging Group Taskforce to set industry standards for transactions and communications to support the complex clinical data exchanges that take place between providers and plans. This next level of structured formats will contribute to improved workflows for providers, plans, and suppliers by streamlining the acquisition of provider digital signatures and the exchange of clinical documentation needed to support orders, pre- and post-claim needs.

Providers today spend too much time on processes which are largely manual, slow and costly to exchange documentation with plans. The need for more efficient communications with plans will only grow in the coming years with the increase in complexity and frequency of clinical data exchanges. Industry groups today define guidelines for health record exchange and e-prescribing but there are no agreed-upon standards for how plans request and receive clinical documents to support these complex workflows. Leading the taskforce is Secure Exchange Solutions CEO Dan Kazzaz, the former Chairman, and current Board Member of X12, a 20+ year healthcare IT veteran, and a longtime champion of standards and interoperability in healthcare information exchange.

Mr. Kazzaz will be joined by Mr. Troy Aswege from Noridian Healthcare Solutions and Mr. Nathan Apter from Medforce Techologies, Inc., thought leaders in the development of standards and efficient systems for the movement of critical, secure, clinical data. The taskforce will work toward establishing interoperability between prescribers/providers, system vendors, suppliers, and health plans to address the need for workflows that have been left behind either on paper or on dedicated payer portals. Standardization of these exchanges will drive adoption as they become part of the prescriber and provider workflow and support optimized exchange with any plan.

“Clinicians and health providers continue to rely on paper-based or non-standard flows and are required to interface with many different systems. Plans are required to employ large numbers of personnel for acquiring and evaluating clinical information due to a lack of robust transaction standards within the health system for the collaborative receipt and processing of clinical data that goes beyond the claim,” said Mr. Kazzaz “Resolving workflows which currently demand significant cost and effort from providers and payers alike is critical to realizing the inherent value of the standardized exchange mechanisms that have already been widely adopted. I am pleased to announce this taskforce and to share leadership in this effort with Mr. Aswege and Mr. Apter, each of whom share a vision for industry-driven standards development and the need for increased efficiency in securely moving health information between patients, providers, government, and payers,” added Mr. Kazzaz.

“Complex workflows pose a significant challenge to achieving true interoperability for exchanging healthcare information and is one of the pressing issues facing health care reform moving forward,” said Mr. Aswege. “This taskforce will work to advance electronic messaging capabilities by integrating existing standards with new standards to create a common, cross-industry data model that bridges the current gap in the exchange of information to payers and others.

“We invite other healthcare stakeholders to join this new taskforce to share their expertise in the structuring and transmittal of healthcare information,” said Kazzaz. “The group welcomes participants from all areas, including care providers, EMR and pharmacy system vendors, payers, government entities, pharmacy, consumer applications, and DME suppliers.”

To request information on joining the taskforce, please visit the Innovation Messaging Group webpage.

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About the Innovation Messaging Group Taskforce

The mission of the Innovation Messaging Group is to provide an environment that facilitates effective collaboration on healthcare informatics message development and adoption. The goal of the taskforce is to create frameworks that streamline complex workflows and rules into specifications that improve efficiency. For more information about the workgroup calendar of events, visit the taskforce webpage. An onsite meeting will be held on June 5, 2017 in conjunction with the June X12 meeting, June 4-8th at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio, Texas.

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