Champ Software Selects Secure Exchange Solutions to Expand Interoperability in the Public Health Sector

Rockville, MD – August 16, 2016 – Champ Software selected the Secure Exchange Solutions HISP for integration into Champ’s Nightingale Notes EMR product to enable expanded connectivity for public health and to achieve better outcomes for population health. Champ Software is a leading community health software vendor supporting public health initiatives, serving over 130 community and public health care agencies, home health and schools of nursing across the country. The integration of the SES Direct HISP platform into Nightingale Notes allows users to seamlessly and securely exchange clinical information with the hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers nationwide who are already communicating using Direct messaging from within their Electronic Health Record, Health Information Exchange and other applications.

The SES Direct messaging solution enhances Nightingale Notes users’ ability to provide and promote public health by enabling the capability to exchange up to date clinical information about immunizations, maternal health and more through a HIPAA-compliant, secure, encrypted method. Secure Exchange offers Nightingale Notes users the industry’s leading Directory Services, making it easy for end users to identify the correct contact information for physicians, hospitals and other healthcare organizations nationwide, as well as making it easier for physicians to find the contact information for their local public health providers.

“As Direct exchange expands beyond physicians and hospitals and into public health, long term care, home health and other post-acute care environments, patients are increasingly benefiting from the ability of their caregivers to follow their care through various transitions. By selecting Secure Exchange, Champ Software offers its users the connectivity they need to participate in the growing ability for public health providers to incorporate complete patient histories into their care,” said Dan Kazzaz, CEO of Secure Exchange Solutions.

“We carefully curate our partnerships to choose companies who will offer the highest value to our clients. We were pleased to partner with Secure Exchange Solutions. Secure Exchange gives our clients peace of mind that their client communications are protected and secure. Integrating Secure Exchange with Nightingale Notes allows clinicians and staff to stay in the EMR and manage incoming secure emails and attachments within the client’s chart, making the workflow as efficient as possible,” Nicole Sowers, COO of Champ Software.

About Champ Software

For over 30 years Champ Software has been helping public health agencies efficiently provide community care. Founded by a former Community Health Director, Champ Software is passionate about public health and employs a staff with thorough experience in the field. Nightingale Notes, designed specifically for public health, is a complete EMR solution that offers client charting from intake to billing with full administration capabilities as well. Nightingale Notes is in use in hundreds of different programs and was the first public health EMR to completely integrate Omaha System standardized terminology for outcomes. Champ Software continues to offer users the latest in health information technology. For more information, visit:  

About Secure Exchange Solutions

Secure Exchange Solutions sets the standard for seamless, scalable, secure connectivity across organizational boundaries. As an industry-leading health information service provider, Secure Exchange Solutions protects, streamlines and delivers sensitive and critical health care information while ensuring compliance and improving efficiency and quality. Hospitals, health systems, physicians, health plans and application partners rely on Secure Exchange Solutions for integrated secure communications that expand their reach.   For more information, please visit

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