Advancing Patient Care Coordination through Direct Secure Messaging

Providers and payers across the country are advancing patient care coordination through use of secure messaging protocols that enable the sharing of health information.

Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) Direct secure messaging stands apart from other messaging platforms by empowering customers to leverage the standardized communication protocols to address new use cases, including those that require electronic signatures and documentation submission to health plans. While secure email is not new, the ability to attach and sign documents while ensuring trust is, which is why SES Direct is being adopted by HIEs, providers and payers nationwide.

With SES Direct secure messaging, providers and payers can communicate directly with one another about patients, resulting in greater accuracy to better meet patient needs. As federal requirements, such as the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), continue to hold providers and payers accountable to achieving improved patient outcomes, technologies such as Direct secure messaging, will become increasingly ubiquitous.

“Given that patient-centered care necessitates better communication between payers and providers, it stands to reason that messaging and access to health records go hand in hand,” said Dan Kazzaz, CEO, Secure Exchange Solutions. “Our solution is demonstrating efficiencies for providers and payers, which is allowing providers to spend less time interacting with payers and more time communicating with their patients.”

As healthcare continues to evolve, technologies such as SES Direct secure messaging will be invaluable to streamlining communications between providers and payers, ultimately improving care coordination and resulting in better patient outcomes.

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