What is the SES COVID-19/Pandemic Response Plan?

Is there any change to your 24x7x365 service or customer support?

  • We remain committed to ensure business continuity and the 24x7x365 availability of our cloud-based SaaS solutions for all of our customers regardless of location. There are no changes to SES hours of operation or levels of staffing for support or implementation.  As a cloud solution provider, we are equipped to maintain the high-quality customer service that we provide today on an ongoing basis as our team leverages technology and conducts internal and external meetings virtually as part of our regular daily support and implementation operations.

How do we communicate changes and advisories to customers and partners?

  • Customer and Partner communications regarding service updates and availability continue to follow our Customer Maintenance Communications Plan. Information is communicated to customer authorized support contact(s), both administrative and management, via SES support email and through our dedicated account management team for each customer and partner.  In the event of scheduled maintenance that requires customer action in advance (e.g. scheduled downtime, directory information updates, or API updates), We will continue to communicate to you via through your authorized email contacts in advance of any maintenance initiative.

  • Support tickets are directed to or via telephone @ 888-470-9913, Option 2.  Customers receive a case and support ticket immediately which is used to track resolution of any questions or issues. Escalation processes remain the same.

Who is our Business Continuity Team?

  • Our Business Continuity Team is comprised of senior cross-functional professionals and executive management that are committed to organizational and customer success.

How are we managing the impact of COVID-19 on our operations?

How do we maintain our service level commitments?

  • We are committed to maintaining the 24x7x365 availability of our SaaS platform and solutions for all customers regardless of location. Our ability to maintain our service level commitments to you is supported by our Service Level Agreements and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans, all of which are tested and verified by our HITRUST CSF Certification and other industry accreditations and certifications.  You can learn more about all of our certifications and accreditations here.

Are our offices open?

  • According to guidance from the CDC, and state and local officials in the locations where we maintain physical offices, we have moved our technical and support operations to a telework model. Where local and state authorities permit, our offices do remain open and our employees have the option to work from those offices if travel is allowed and their home environment is not suitable.

Will the Customer Support response time change during COVID-19?

  • No, our support teams will continue to support all customer requests and we are committed to delivering the 24x7x365 availability of our SaaS platform and solutions for all customers regardless of location.

Have travel restrictions been implemented across the company?

  • Yes, we restricted all non-essential travel for all team members from the outset of the current situation. We have further limited in-person team meetings only for essential issues where a virtual meeting is not feasible.

How will your Customer Support staff communicate with me?

  • Our Customer Support team monitors all inbound support requests and tickets and will schedule a call or virtual meeting if required. We leverage technology and conduct internal and external meetings virtually as part of our regular daily support and implementation operations. Additionally, because our solutions are cloud-based, our employees are equipped to maintain high-quality customer service on an ongoing basis, from anywhere with internet access.

Does SES anticipate any service disruptions?

  • No, our SaaS solutions are hosted by Amazon Web Services, the leading provider of cloud-based hosting infrastructure. Our service level agreement with our customers supports a 99.9% uptime on a 24x7x365 basis.

Where can I learn more about the SES response to COVID-19?

  • We created a COVID-19 Response webpage that highlights information on our COVID-19 and pandemic response. We have also reached out and have ongoing communications with our customers, partners and critical vendors.

Who should I contact to discuss my comments or COVID-19 concerns?

  • Please visit our COVID-19 Response webpage, also our Customer Support team can be reached at Additional questions can be directed to 1-888-470-9913 or to your account manager.