Arkansas HIE Uses Technology Partnership to Improve Health Outcomes

Source: HealthcareIT Today

When it comes to HIEs, each one is different. They often have distinct missions, and many states have multiple HIEs trying to approach electronic information exchange from several directions. In Arkansas, they’re lucky to have one statewide HIE which is focused on improving patient health outcomes. The Arkansas State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE) is leveraging technology and partnerships with payers to make a difference in their state.

To learn more about their success, I sat down with Anne Santifer, SHARE Executive Director, following her presentation at HIMSS 2022. We asked Santifer to talk about their statewide HIE collaboration to implement ADT notifications, which she highlighted during her presentation. She also spoke about their long-standing technology partner Secure Exchange Solutions and the impact that ADT notifications and real-time alerting had on end-users.

In addition, Santifer discussed the benefits of real-time alerting and how their public-private partnership was key to making this a reality. Plus, she noted some of the key challenges she faced, such as patient matching and how they tackled it using technology.

We dove into the issues SHARE faced working with payer customers all of whom seemed to have their own unique needs and medical record format requirements. SHARE didn’t have the staff or technology to meet all these requirements, so they worked with Secure Exchange Solutions to give the payers the medical record data in the format they wanted. Finally, Santifer elaborated on where she sees the greatest area of growth for HIEs in the future.

To learn more about what SHARE is doing for patients and doctors in Arkansas, check out our interview with Santifer below.

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