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Real-Time Alerts Improve Collaboration and Care

Real-time alert notifications support the ability to manage high-risk patient activity and inform care teams of patient status, lab information, monitor transitions, and follow-up care.

SES Notify, sends e-Notifications directly into all Certified Electronic Health Record systems (CEHRT) using the providers’ published Direct addresses – this requires no effort by the recipients. SES Notify matches subscriber interests and converts admission/discharge and results into formats acceptable by the CEHRTs delivering critical care information seamlessly into provider and care team workflows – no provider portal is required.


Track Patient Activity

  • Track high-risk patient activity
  • Share ongoing admission/discharge activity from other facilities
  • Leverage existing, or create new patient panel(s)
  • Inform stakeholders of all patient ADT events

Manage Lab Information

  • Manage lab information across patient rosters
  • Receive real-time alerts for all identified patients
  • Segment (positive/negative) lab results
  • Route alerts directly to payer based on patient/member lab result.

Monitor Patient Risk

  • Monitor patient activity to facilitate long term follow-up care
  • Engage care team collaboration and treatment planning
  • Gain critical insights into patient health events
  • Send alerts directly to public health agencies


  • Streamlines administrative and clinical workflows, to include office managers, nurses, medical assistants, care coordinators, program directors, etc.
  • Ensures quality management, compliance and business continuity functions
  • Improves public health reporting with timely patient data
  • Informs both provider/plan care managers and population health managers

About SES Notify

SES Notify is an automated real-time standard distribution solution used to route Admit, Discharge and Transfers (ADT) health alerts to providers and case managers, primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists and other groups such as home health for Inpatient & Emergency Department admits, discharges and transfers.

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Project Notify routes Admit, Discharge and Transfers (ADT) health alerts to providers, case managers, and primary care physicians (PCPs), watch the video to learn more.

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