Diagnosing the Cures Act

Diagnosing the Cures Act | Practical Prescriptions for Your Success

The 21st Century Cures Act impacts all healthcare stakeholders, but many are unsure what it requires of them. Will the Cures Act upend my business model? What is information blocking? What must I do now as well in the next five years?

Aligning your organization with the Cures Act mandates will require collaboration and interoperability among providers, EHR vendors, health information exchanges, and the industry at large.

To help healthcare leaders understand both the challenges and the opportunities that the Cures Act presents, we assembled a panel of leading healthcare experts across the health IT spectrum to share their unique perspectives and experiences addressing the mandate. Panelists will offer practical and direct guidance on how you can prepare for the Cures Act.

Target Audience
This presentation is for healthcare leaders including CIOs, Hospital IT Directors, HIE Directors/Managers, EMR IT Managers, Physicians, Compliance Managers, and other healthcare technology executives or end-users that are interested in learning about the Cures Act, and the business practices industry leaders are using to meet the requirements and make a difference within their organizations.

Learning Objectives
Attendees of this webinar will be able to:

  • Gain insight to how the Cures Act affects health IT interoperability.
  • Discuss how Cures Act rules impact health IT business models.
  • Identify how standardized technologies can be applied to meet Cures Act requirements.
  • Take away practical perspectives on how the industry can prepare for the Cures Act.


William E. Golden,
Medical Director, Arkansas Medicaid


Dr. William Golden is the Professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Medical Director for the Arkansas Office of Health Information Technology, the state HIE, as well as the state’s Medicaid program. He has served as the clinical lead for Medicaid’s nationally recognized multiplayer payment reform initiative. Previously, he served as the Vice President for Clinical Quality Improvement of the Arkansas QIO and designed numerous statewide quality improvement projects.

Anne Santifer
Executive Director,

Anne Santifer is Director of the Office of Health Information Technology. Anne has nearly 13 years of experience in the operations, development, and policy supporting Medicaid quality improvement programs. She is experienced in program management, value-based programs and data and information technologies supporting health care and social service programs.

Kyle Meadors
Principal, Chart Lux Consulting

Kyle Meadors is principal consultant at Chart Lux Consulting where he supports developers and health IT organizations in navigating the regulatory requirements of the ONC and CMS. Prior to Chart Lux, he was Director of the EHR Testing Lab at Drummond, the premier ONC authorized testing and certification body. At Drummond Group, he launched the lab to conduct testing for the Meaningful Use program and grew it into the market leader of its space. Mr. Meadors was also a member of the ONC Health IT Standards committee and other government committees and task teams.