Improve Patient Care Coordination

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SES Notify, our nationwide alert notifications platform, monitors the ADT feed from the hospital’s EHR system and sends electronic notifications to the appropriate primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists, and care managers in near real-time.

Using the providers’ published Direct addresses, SES Notify delivers critical care information seamlessly into provider and care team workflows – no provider portal required.

SES Notify has proven to:

  • Reduce Preventable Hospital Readmissions and Identify Patient Leakage
  • Streamline Transitions of Care and Care Coordination
  • Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction
  • Engage Providers within Existing Workflows

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    SES Notify

      • Provides an immediate way to notify PCPs of ER visits and achieve CMS Rule compliance for hospitals and other ambulatory facilities.
      • Enables health plans to manage high-risk members and close care gaps within provider EMR workflows to meet quality/cost measurement thresholds aligned with value-based reimbursement programs.