2021 SHIEC Annual Conference – Secure Exchange Solutions

– 2021 SHIEC Annual Conference –

Achieve Interoperability with Zero Friction

We solve interoperability challenges for HIEs by augmenting legacy technology platforms to close critical communication gaps and provide the last mile of connectivity.

SES Direct

Direct Secure Messaging

  • Scalable and easy to implement
  • Integrates with all EHRs/EMRs, patient portals, clinical data repositories (CDRs), patient health applications and practice management systems
  • Ensures security compliance, while optimizing care coordination

SES Direct Data Sheet

SES Notify

Real-time Alert Notifications

  • Reduces inefficiencies and costs while improving patient care and outcomes
  • Increases provider collaboration across all care settings
  • Decreases readmissions, follow-up care, boosts patient engagement and satisfaction

SES Notify Data Sheet


Secure Clinical Exchange

  • Automates secure clinical data exchange for prior authorizations, quality and care management, claim attachments, medical review and performance management
  • Leverages existing EMR technology investments
  • Cost-effective to implement


AI-Powered Decision Support

  • Integrates into the physician ordering workflow
  • Provides feedback to staff and streamlines authorizations to manage provider risk
  • Informs critical care decisions to enhance physician/patient interactions and care quality

SES SPOT Data Sheet

Our interoperable solution suite enables greater collaboration across care teams by providing better insights into patient transitions of care. Seamlessly integrated with any healthcare platform, including HIEs, EHRs, patient portals, clinical data repositories and patient health applications, our solutions improve efficiencies and deliver return on investment with no added resource burden. Contact us to set up a demonstration.

SES Notify and CMS ADT Notification Compliance

SHIEC HIEs play a critical role in helping providers meet 21st Century Cures requirements, most importantly the CMS Conditions of Participation (CoP) which went into effect on May 1, 2021. The new CoP requires Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and CAHs, to send electronic patient event notifications of a patient’s admission, discharge, and/or transfer (ADT) to their primary care provider.

SES Notify, our notification platform, ensures all hospitals are fully compliant with the new ADT notification requirement. With nationwide reach, SES Notify delivers notifications to all providers within their EHR workflows, streamlines and manages patient/provider/ caregiver attribution and enables extendible and mission-critical service to support critical COVID alerting or other healthcare information that is required for downstream notification to specialists, primary care or post-acute care providers. CoP Data Sheet

Transforming Patient Care with Real-Time Alert Notifications

SES Notify, our automated real-time health alert platform, improves provider collaboration across all care settings. By using Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) feeds to inform care teams about patient encounters, SES Notify accelerates clinical decision-making and increases efficiency.

Our Network

The SES nationwide cloud-based clinical data exchange service gathers, analyzes and delivers sensitive health data to providers and payers, while ensuring compliance, improving efficiency and quality. Customers and partners benefit from access to DirectTrust, CareQuality/Commonwell, SHIEC HIEs, and direct to EMR relationships.

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