Innovation Messaging Group, November 12, 2018 Taskforce Meeting Minutes

Taskforce members want to be able to access the X12 schema, but the current licensing agreement construct is a significant barrier to corporate representatives. In our group review of the schema, the feedback was positive, and it looked good overall, but there was a desire for each taskforce representative to access and review the schema in detail.

Next steps:
1.Consolidate specific legal feedback about the agreement
2.Communicate to X12 about the need to provide the schema to the taskforce members without legal complications (for those of you whose company is objecting to the licensing agreement – please email Dan with information about the company’s concerns. He will consolidate them and present them to the X12 board and staff)
3.Share the schema with the taskforce and review in detail
4.Provide detailed feedback and suggestions:

Beth Spears, TIBCO
Betty Lengyel-Gomez, MedInformatix
Durwin Day, BCBS
Gary Beatty, Optum
Dan Kazzaz, Secure Exchange Solutions
Jennifer Pacheco, Optimity Advisors
Jocelyn Keegan POCP
John Bartley, Secure Exchange Solutions
John J Konczyk, New York Life
Patrick Hobson, Secure Exchange Solutions
Rachel Foerster RFA-EDI
Tara Rose, Optum
Teresa Autery, TIBCO
Sherry Wilson, Jopari
Rebecca Elhassid, Secure Exchange Solutions
Laurent Laor, Viveka Health
Isabella Beaton, Secure Exchange Solutions

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