The Interoperable Solution Suite

The Secure Exchange Solutions Interoperable Solution Suite

Direct Secure Messaging

Connecting all Healthcare Stakeholders – SES Direct offers a fast path to successful use of Direct secure messaging. Scalable and easy to implement, Direct can be integrated with any healthcare application, including EHR/EMR systems, patient portals, clinical data repositories (CDRs) patient health applications and practice management systems.

Real-time Alert Notifications

SES Notify lowers healthcare costs while improving patient care. As the solution of choice for Hospitals, ACOs and payers, Notify delivers real-time alerts for all stakeholders. Notify has proven to improve outcomes, decrease readmissions, improve follow-up care, boost patient engagement and satisfaction… all while significantly reducing inefficiencies and cost.

AI-Powered Decision Support

SES SPOT gives providers the data they need to make informed decisions at critical points in the care cycle – without compromising the physician/patient interaction or care quality. SPOT is integrated into the physician ordering workflow and provides feedback to support staff to streamline authorization and manage provider risk.

Secure Clinical Exchange

SES FETCH automates the secure exchange of clinical data for electronic prior authorizations, quality and care management, claim attachments, medical review and performance management programs. By transmitting data through the DIRECT secure messaging protocol, FETCH leverages existing EMR technology investments, making it cost-effective for providers to implement.

Transforming Patient Care with Real-Time Alert Notifications

Project Notify is an automated real-time standard distribution solution used to route Admit, Discharge and Transfers (ADT) health alerts to providers and case managers, primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists and other groups such as home health for Inpatient & Emergency Department admits, discharges and transfers.

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